Seeds of Scotland

Runner Bean - Milky Fork


Phaseolus coccineus - approximately 35 seeds.


A beautifully diverse runner bean originally from Milky Fork Farm in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.  The plants have red or white flowers and produce magical beans which range in colour from ivory white to deep brown to deep purple/black with many combinations in between.  

When picked small the pods may be cooked and eaten as green beans, larger pods may be podded for fresh beans, and mature pods are great used as dried beans.  A delight to grow and eat. 





Growing Tips

Runner beans will need support or something to grow up.  Don't be tempted to sow too early as beans sown slightly later will often catch up and be much healthier.  Sow in trays, pots or root trainers in May and transplant out after the risk of frost has passed.  

If sowing direct, do so in late May/early June, after the risk of frost has passed. 

Runner Beans will do well outside in a sheltered sunny spot and should thrive undercover.


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