Seeds of Scotland

Carrot - Autumn King


Daucus carota - approximately 400 seeds.


A popular main crop carrot due to its dependable growth and good storage characteristics, known for being tough and growing well in many conditions.





Growing Info

We sow our 'Autumn king' carrots in May/early June to harvest large roots in the Autumn for storing over winter.  Roots can also be left in the ground and harvested overwinter in milder areas with well-drained soils however, when left in the ground they can be vulnerable to hungry mice.

Covering with fleece or insect mesh will help guard against carrot root flies as well as keep in some extra warmth.

TIP: When thinning your carrots under mesh or fleece, do so on a rainy day or in the evening, when the carrot root flies are less active. 


All seeds are posted via Royal Mail 1st Class at a flat rate of £3.00. Please note, due to legislation covering inspection and sale of seeds, we can only post to Scotland, England and Wales.