Seeds of Scotland

Pea - Robinson


Pisum sativum - approximately 50 seeds


This is the tastiest pea we have ever grown, it's a podding pea that grows >2m tall and produces lots of long green pods with around 10 peas per pod.  According to the Heritage Seed Library these peas originated from Scotland. 

"This is a very fine pea and, in my opinion, the best tasting of all the British bred peas. Crops well over a long season if picked regularly. Expect heavy crops of long pods with medium-sized sweet and yummy peas inside!" - Adam Alexander, The Seed Detective.


Possible synonym:  Show Perfection





Growing Tips

Pea plants will need support or something to climb up.  We sow our peas into modules in March for transplanting outside in mid/late April.  At this time the young plants may need some shelter from the wind in exposed spots.  Alternatively direct sow into the soil in April/May.  June is a good month for making sowings for late summer and autumn harvests.

TIPS: Try hanging old CD's on a string from the pea supports to keep the birds off, most genres tested seem to be effective.



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