Seeds of Scotland

Leek - Musselburgh


Allium ampeloprasum - approximately 300 seeds.


A staple for any Northern garden this is a Scottish variety from the early nineteenth century from the area of Musselburgh, just east of Edinburgh.  Well known for being robust and resilient these leeks are often grown for winter hardiness and are said to survive even under heavy snow.  Their short stature and stout stems make them a good choice for growing in a windy spot too. 

The Musselburgh leek is recognised by the 'Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity' and 'Slowfood UK'  for its importance to Scottish cuisine. 





Growing Info

Sow into pots or a deep seed flat and place on a sunny window ledge, in a polytunnel or greenhouse in March.  Once the seedlings reach the thickness of a pencil, transplant them into there final growing position (Late May to early July).  Alternatively, try direct sowing into nursery rows in April with some protection.

TIP: When transplanting, dib a hole much wider than the baby leek. Trim the roots and place the seedling into the hole nice and deep.  Water in but don't backfill the hole. This should give the leek space to fill out.


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