Seeds of Scotland

Cherry Tomato - Sunviva


Solanum lycopersicum - approximately 25 seeds.


Bright yellow indeterminate cherry tomato with sweet and juicy fruits.  These are precocious, robust and productive plants originally bred for outdoor cultivation in Germany with high resistance to leaf blight and brown rot.  They will grow tall in the polytunnel in Scotland!

This was the first tomato variety with an open source seed license, developed by 


"To the interlocked challenges of concentrated corporate power and use restrictions on seeds, a variety of initiatives around the world have found “open source” and “copyleft” approaches to be a compelling alternative.  Open source seeds are seeds, whose distribution and/or sale are accompanied by a formal commitment to preserve the rights of farmers, gardeners, and breeders to freely use, save, replant, and improve them. Critically, this responsibility is extended to their progeny and derivatives. This copyleft feature creates the needed protection for a commons that is open to those who will share and excludes those who will not share. Anyone may freely use open source seed – grow it, propagate it, and breed with it – as long as they agree to pass those freedoms on to others." 

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Growing Info

Tomatoes will do best when grown undercover in Scotland.  Sow indoors into small pots or seed flats using a heated propagator or sunny window sill in Feb/March, April can also work well.  Transplant into larger pots once true leaves emerge.  Aim to transplant into final growing location after the last frost.

TIP:  Tomato plants can produce roots from their stems when in contact with the soil so when transplanting, do so nice and deep, this will help to grow sturdy healthy plants.



All seeds are posted via Royal Mail 1st Class at a flat rate of £3.00. Please note, due to legislation covering inspection and sale of seeds, we can only post to Scotland, England and Wales.